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Our powers combined to provide you innovative solutions for your renewable energy product development needs. A dedicated network of experienced wind energy professionals providing thorough advisory services, due diligence, and on-site testing support with decades of experience in wind turbine product development standardization and certification, design, and testing. Experienced in a vast array of renewable energy product and system conformity standards including IEC, ISO, UL, CSA, EN, and others, we are equipped to help navigate the product development and certification process by mitigating the greatest risks early in the design process and simplifying the entire certification process. Have a site that is suitable to support your own testing? Let’s find out together…

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We are testing and optimizing an advanced 3.5kW wind turbine for cost-effective operation within a wide range of wind speeds and needed to understand the process for obtaining UL listings for the novel low-rpm generator and controller being further developed and guidance on how to best prepare for the listing process and eventual turbine certification. Knowing Joseph Spossey’s extensive background in this area, I contracted with RE Innovations to provide the clarity and insight I needed to obtain the most efficient use of project funds. I was definitely impressed. Joe took the time to ensure he had a good understanding of where we were and what we wanted, kept me well updated on progress, and emerged with an appropriately detailed document that answered questions I knew I needed to understand as well as questions I hadn’t thought of. He also provided the guidance and options I needed to demystify the process and see the possible paths to UL listing and beyond. The report and advice certainly surpassed expectations and I would unreservedly recommend RE Innovations as a great value and definitely expect to use their services again.
We hired ReInnovations to run design load calculations according to the IEC61400 standard for our 85kW distributed wind turbine. Joe and the ReInnovations team were excellent to work with. They provided an accurate budget estimate up front, started the project quickly, and ended the project on time. Joe was very responsive throughout the project. His extensive background overseeing the design and certification of a variety of wind turbine types proved useful as he was able to provide us insight into how our design decisions will impact our future certification. The ReInnovations team has a diverse skill set and I’m sure we’ll be using them again throughout our turbine development process.